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Maui Hike Details

  Nahuna Point  
Trail - Nahuna Point
09:00 am

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Area Maui
Address 5034 Makena Rd, Kihei, Maui, HI 96753
Elevation 3.00 m ( 9.84 ft )
Change n/a
Distance n/a
Difficulty Easy
Special instructions   Not really a hike. More like snorkeling and lounging on the beach. Lee will have some extra gear to loan out.

Directions  Go south on Makena Ala Nui, pass the Fairmont Kealani, pass Po`olenalena Beach Park. Turn right onto Makena Road. Drive about 300m. There is parking before the street goes up hill. Look for the beach access walkway past the five old graves. There is a small sheltered cove where you enter the water. Nahuna Point goes out under the water and just pops up above the surface about 200m off shore.

The Good  It's MAUI! How more GOOD does it get?

The Bad  Ok... it is south Kihei, which is not that good...

Notes  There are NO facilities. Bring water and food.
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Nov 15th, 2009        

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