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Maui Hike Details

  Kahakapao Trail (Makawao Forest)  
Trail - Kahakapao Trail (Makawao Forest)
11:11 am

Map | Aerial photos | More details
Area Maui
Address RPJF+RV Haiku, Haiku-Pauwela, HI
Elevation n/a
Change n/a
Distance 10.62 km ( 6.60 miles )
Difficulty Moderate
Lat / Long 20.836794, -156.278997
Special instructions   Tomorrow is Eostre - goddess of things new, fresh, dawn, spring, blah blah blah.
Christians saw how we [Vikings] partied, and yeah, stole that right up. :)

Back to science... tomorrow is also 4 09 - Did you know that is the version number of this cleaning fluid? The inventors tried 409 to perfect a degreaser plus an anti-bacterial product.

Personally, I use vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide for most things. I suspect most people use cleaning products because of how they smell, not for how well they work. So, put your citrus rinds in the freezer for use in cleaning too.

Back to hiking, make a wish, we start at 11:11am

Directions  From Makawao, head north on Makawao Ave until you pass St. Joseph's Church on your right.

Turn right on to Piiholo Road. Travel approximately 3km.

Turn left on the Waiahiwi Road.

Turn right on to Kahakapao Road and follow on up until the gate that reads "Entering Makawao Forest.".

The Good  Smells good, pretty trees.

The Bad  Trees...trees...trees...no view really...just trees...rnrnAlso, this hike is shared with side paths fore Bikers.rnStay away from these paths, or areas that are clearly for those bikes.rn

Where  Makawao makai (up hill)

Notes  HIKE the GEEK logged this trail when it was first created (around 2005). Now the trail is more sophisticated, and includes bike paths on either side.

The ground can be muddy, and some parts including the paved road are actually steep. It could rain.

UPDATE: And, there is a second hike trail down the hill on the left (that will get it’s own hike trail page in the future).


There are several side trails, only some of which are available to hikers, and it's very important to stay highly aware of mountain bikers on trails that look like they are pretty much designed for mountain bikers, and it is critically important to stay off the downhill mountain biking trails entirely.

Cyclists will come fast and cannot stop in time, if you see a bunch of bike jumps get off the trail immediately, you will injure a cyclist and probably yourself just by being there. On the trail map, everything marked pineapple Express and most parts of Secrets trail are downhill mountain bike trails only.
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