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Maui Hike Details

  Waihou Spring Trail  
Trail - Waihou Spring Trail
11:20 am

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Area Maui
Address 2520 Olinda Rd, Makawao, HI
Elevation 1,184.20 m ( 3820 ft )
Change 62.00 m ( 200 ft )
Distance 1.93 km ( 1.20 miles )
Difficulty Easy
Lat / Long 20.808423137723132, -156.28240337225154
Special instructions   Aloha,

I'm on island for a short bit. This 11 20, at 11:20, if you're up for an easy hike, come join us.
Perhaps we eat together afterwards. All are welcome of course.


Cell - 310.THINKER

Directions  From Haleakala Highway HI-route 37 heading up the mountain, turn left at the traffic light intersection of Makawao Avenue. Follow Makawao Avenue into town and the four-way stop intersection. Turn right at the stop sign onto Olinda Road and head carefully up the residential road for 4.8 miles. Parking area is on the right, just past the two bird recovery centers. The road is windy and narrow, slow driving is recommended.

The Good  The fresh pine forest air invigorates as you walk the winding trail through a forest floor covered in red pine needles. The relaxing loop hike is good exercise without being strenuous, and is family friendly.

The Bad  The lower switchback portion of the trail that winds downhill to Waihou Springs is crumbling and should be avoided. We can do the loop twice instead.

Where  2463 Olinda Rd, Makawao, HI 96768

Notes  Waihou Spring Forest Reserve was established in 1909 to protect Waihou Spring, one of the only perennial springs on the west slope of Haleakalā. The forest reserve borders a century-old experimental tree plantation.
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