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Maui Hike Details

  Special Event Maui  
Trail - Special Event Maui
14:00 pm

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Area Maui
Elevation n/a
Change n/a
Distance n/a
Difficulty Easy
Special instructions   Techie outing to see Augmented Reality at MACC Schafer Gallery!

UPDATE - Time has been corrected from 10am to 2pm

The new exhibit at the MACC Schafer Gallery entitled "Taiji Terasaki: Reset/Reshape" utilizes AR.

It runs from Sep 22 to Dec18, Wed-Sat 10a-4p.

This is an ambitious one for MACC. The various pieces are accompanied by fiducial marks on floor that bring up multimedia augmentation on provided iPads or your own devices.

More details on exhibit are in the MauiNow piece:


This will be a Masked Up, Social Distanced visit by whoever shows up - noting that if we get huge turnout, the gallery may have to limit numbers inside. They do have a (rather cool) pedestal display that takes your
temperature from video, and you need to sign in with contact info (covid tracing).

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