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Los Angeles - Main

  Griffith Park  
Trail - Griffith Park
2023-06-11  11:06 AM
( in 3 days )

Map | Aerial photos | More details
Area Los Angeles
Address Fire Road and Crystal Springs Drive, Los Angeles CA 90027 @ 34.1317061,-118.283741
Elevation 151.90 m ( 490 ft )
Change n/a
Distance 8.05 km ( 5.00 miles )
Difficulty Moderate
Lat / Long 34.1317061, -118.283741
Special instructions   Planning further out for this one.
I'll be in LA for about 333 hours starting next week.
Hoping to catch up with friends.

Weather should be great.

Directions  We will be meeting in the parking lot for the Merry-Go-Round park center, at the area closest to and overlooking the Merry-Go-Round. This is located on the fire road to off of Crystal Springs Drive.

Coming from either direction on Crystal Springs look for a sign for the Merry-Go-Round park center picnic area.

* From the LA zoo you take a right onto the fire road

* From Los Feliz you take a left onto the fire road

The parking lot is at the end of the fire road on the right.

Check google maps (via any of our map links) or look at the map in the aerial photos section of this trail.

The Good  This trail sports a fabulous view of the city.

Where  East side of Griffith Park, just before the LA Zoo. We meet at the Merry-Go-Round parking lot.

Notes  Located in Park Center between the Los Angeles Zoo and the Los Feliz park entrance, the Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round has been a Los Angeles family attraction for over five generations.

Built in 1926 by the Spillman Engineering Company and brought to Griffith Park in 1937, the Merry-Go-Round boasts 68 horses, every one a jumper. Each horse is finely carved with jewel-encrusted bridles, detailed draped blankets, and decorated with sunflowers and lion's heads. A Stinson 165 Military Band Organ, reputed to be the largest band organ accompanying a carousel on the West Coast, plays over 1500 selections of marches and waltz music.

While the difficulty rating for this hike is listed as moderate, there are a couple of relatively short but difficult stretches: One at the beginning and one near the end. But the hike is well worth the sweat.
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Griffith Park

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