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Los Angeles Hike Details

  Urban Stairway  
Trail - Urban Stairway
11:00 am

Map | Aerial photos | Website | More details
Area Los Angeles
Address 1828 Effie St. Los Angeles, CA 90026
Elevation 155.00 m ( 500 ft )
Change 71.30 m ( 230 ft )
Distance 7.56 km ( 4.70 miles )
Difficulty Moderate

From the US101 northbound, take the Echo Park Ave exit (4A).
Continue on Echo Park Ave for about 1.1 miles.
Turn left on Effie St. Continue 2 blocks and park.
We'll be meeting at the traffic circle.

From the US101 southbound, take the Glendale Blvd/Union Ave exit (4A).
Take an immediate left on Palo Alto St.
Take the next left on Glendale Blvd.
Take the next right onto Bellevue Ave, followed by a left onto Echo Park Ave.
Continue on Echo Park Ave for about 1.1 miles.
Turn left on Effie St. Continue 2 blocks and park.
We'll be meeting at the traffic circle.

The Good  
Great Views and a chance to explore the city.
Dogs are welcome, though this hike may be better suited to the larger breeds.

The Bad  
We do pass by many homes with dogs behind fences. Not dangerous, just noisy.

Where  Echo Park

We'll be hitting the streets, seeing the city from a different perspective. Don't think of this as a hike. It's a walking tour of a very fascinating neighborhood. ...with lots of stairways.

This trail is inspired by Big Parade LA, an annual walking tour of some very interesting Los Angeles neighborhoods and landmarks. A walking tour which just happens to hit 135 public stairways between downtown and Griffith Park in a 40 mile trek. Check it out. (http://bigparadela.com/page7/whatis/what-is-the-big-parade.php)

Specially for the Geeks, I've simplified a section of the parade route. The bad news is that I had to cut a few stairways from the route. The good news is that the loop still has 14 stairways and passes by some of the more fascinating spectacles of this area. It's quite the adventure, so lace up your street hikers, and join in the fun.

And for those who are sensitive to the moods of their quads, there are plenty of opportunities for taking shortcuts.

On this page you will find aerial views of the trail route, studded with markers indicating stairways heading Up or Down. You can also have a closer look at the course through google maps at the "Website" link under the photo.

This is a fabulous hike from late February through march. After a light rain, the flowers come out to greet us.
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