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Los Angeles Hike Details

  Santa Monica Farmers Market  
Trail - Santa Monica Farmers Market
10:30 am

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Area Los Angeles
Address 2600 Barnard Way, Santa Monica, CA
Elevation n/a
Change n/a
Distance 8.05 km ( 5.00 miles )
Difficulty Easy
Special instructions   Our usual Santa Monica beach hike, but with a clever way to obtain free spacious parking (after rebate).

If you arrive at 10am, there is time to take advantage of the breakfast options at the Farmers Market.

If you arrive at 10:20am, there may be a stretch session going on across the beach road from the parking attendant, or that general beach area, where we are meeting for the hike.

Don't forget to either (1) arrive 15 min early to pick up your validation from the Farmers market, or (2) pick up said validation from the Farmer's Market before you exit the parking lot.

If any problems come up the day of, call or text Mike O. at 818-288-1462.

Directions  Go to the corner of Ocean Blvd & Barnard Way, Santa Monica, CA.

Drive south on Barnard Way and take the next right turn into the parking lot

Ask for a Farmers Market pass from the cashier, and pay $8

Go to the Farmers Market at 2640 Main Street and get your pass validated at the information booth

Return to the parking lot, and meet up across the bike/beach road from the parking lot attendant to start the hike.

When the time comes to leave, present your pass to the attendant on the way out and they will return your $8 fee. We will need to leave by 1:30pm for this option to work.

The Good  Free (after refund), hassle-free, uncrowded parking

Fun pre-hike food options

Venice Beach bizarrity

The Bad  Must be done by 1:30pm or validation dude goes away and can't get parking refund

Where  Santa Monica Beach, Farmers Market parking

Notes  We will be walking down to Venice Beach and back north to the Pier as time permits.

If you plan to eat breakfast at the Farmers Market (there are many good food options here), then give yourself an additional 40 minutes before the posted time. If you plan to validate parking, give yourself an additional 15 minutes to walk round trip to the Farmers Market at 2640 Main Street.

Bike valet is available at the Farmers Market, if you happen to live close enough to take advantage of that kind of thing.
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