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Los Angeles Hike Details

  Griffith Park: Starting at Fern Dell (*not* the Merry Go Round)  
Trail - Griffith Park: Starting at Fern Dell (*not* the Merry Go Round)
10:12 am

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Area Los Angeles
Address 5413 Los Feliz Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90027
Elevation 502.05 m ( 1619.511 ft )
Change n/a
Distance 8.85 km ( 5.50 miles )
Difficulty Moderate
Lat / Long 34.108211, -3.251953

Directions  Parking is along Fern Dell from Los Feliz Blvd up to the Trails Cafe where there are some designated spaces.

The Good  Griffith Observatory is part of the trail.

Where  South-West side of Griffith Park, off Fern Dell. We will be meeting in the grassy area near the bear statue at the intersection of Los Feliz Blvd and Fern Dell.

Notes  The statue of a "rampant" (i.e., standing on his hindlegs) bear is a Cold War monument, presented to the people of Los Angeles by the people of West Berlin. Berlin and Los Angeles are sister cities, a relationship which, at the time, was presumably recognized only by West Berliners. A bear standing in this posture is the main design of Berlin's coat of arms, and is an example "canting" arms, since the German word for 'bear'--Behr--is pronounced very much like the first syllable of 'Berlin'.
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