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Los Angeles Hike Details

  Santa Monica Palisades Stair Hike (Patrick's Road House)  
Trail - Santa Monica Palisades Stair Hike (Patrick's Road House)
08:16 am

Map | Aerial photos | More details
Area Los Angeles
Address 106 Entrada Dr, Santa Monica, CA 90402
Elevation n/a
Change 303.49 m ( 979.00 ft )
Distance n/a
Difficulty Moderate
Special instructions   We have a new hike!

Suggested by Devin, this is an urban hike starting at Patrick's Roadhouse.
We're not sure where parking is, if you know, email me, please.

We will be getting an early start on 7/16, 8:16am.

Should be cool (if even foggy) to start, near the beach. Lots of stairs.

- Ki


Directions  Meet outside Patrick’s Roadhouse

We’ll be passing through some lovely neighborhoods with amazing architecture, and taking some VERY large flights of stairs. The path will largely be shaded and lined with vegetation, and on some of the busier parts we may have to dodge some cars or cardio junkies, but mostly, it’s pretty quiet and peaceful.

The Good  A lovely, shaded walk through one of Los Angeles’ most beautiful neighborhoods, along some staircases you probably never knew were there and never would have found any other way. It’s like stepping through the wardrobe.

The Bad  A little more urban than most of our hikes, with a couple of sections that are a bit busier. Parking can be tough.

Where  Head over to PCH along the 10 West, or south along PCH from the direction of Malibu, and find parking near Patrick‚Äôs Roadhouse. Parking can be a bit rough around there, so give yourself time to find a spot.

Notes  About 300 meters (979 steps) that’s total, up AND down.

“This is an athletic walk up the southern side of Santa Monica Canyon and back down into bucolic Rustic Canyon, through leafy, eucalyptus-scented glades and past historic homes and architectural wonders. Along the way are hard bodies and ocean views.”
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