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Los Angeles Hike Details

  Stough Nature Center  
Trail - Stough Nature Center
08:08 am

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Area Los Angeles
Address 1599 E Walnut Ave, Burbank, CA 91501 @34.213355,-118.306977
Elevation 465.00 m ( 1500 ft )
Change 465.00 m ( 1500 ft )
Distance 9.66 km ( 6.00 miles )
Difficulty Moderate
Lat / Long 34.213355, -118.306977
Special instructions   We have had some great hikes while I''m in town recently.
Tomorrow will be my last hike here for a while.
In honour of the Hawaii I miss so much right now. #808
Los Angeles is great, but man it is cold.

Ready to get up early and hike?
Dress warm, bring a backpack as it gets warmer.
We'll be doing breakfast afterwards.

Directions  Take the 5 freeway to Burbank Blvd. Head East up the hill to Burbank High.
Make a left on 3rd, and right on Walnut. Follow Walnut all the way to the very top. Park before you run into the Stough Nature Center building.

Please note that google maps has been a little off since the change over. If you follow google's directions, continue on past the listed destination point all the way to the traffic circle. Yahoo maps is correct.

Note, if you use Google or a GPS to navigate you will want to include the coordinates to get an accurate location.

The Good  Amazing view of Burbank, and several other valleys.
Great ass burning hike.
Parking is free.
Dog friendly (Bring a leash)

The Bad  There isn't a lot of cover from the sun.
Parking can be difficult.

Where  In Burbank, East of the 5 freeway.

Notes  The Stough Nature Center is devoted to the study of nature nestled in the Verdugo Mountain hills North West of Burbank. It also serves as the starting location for a great hiking path (actually a fire road) that twists up and through the mountains.

There is a shorter path that can be taken if you stay to the left that will take you through the foundation of an old boys Camp, or, if you stay to the right, you will wind your way up to the very top, to where the radio towers are. From there you can continue along the Verdugo ridge, or head back.
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