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Los Angeles Hike Details

  Will Rogers State Park  
Trail - Will Rogers State Park
09:00 am

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Area Los Angeles
Address 1501 Will Rogers Park Road, Pacific Palisades, CA
Elevation 130.20 m ( 420 ft )
Change n/a
Distance 9.66 km ( 6.00 miles )
Difficulty Easy
Lat / Long 34.05428611111111, -118.5135694444444

Directions  From the 405, get off on Sunset, heading west. Driving along Sunset for about 9 km (5.5miles).

The Good  Giant polo field. Bring Frisbee. Don't play while game is on. We learned horses are not like dogs when it comes to Frisbees.

The Bad  Since the park has money, there are more rangers around. And so they do ranger like things...like watch the clock and hand out fines the exact SECOND the sun goes down.

Where  Pacific Palisades. Over looking the ocean.

Notes  The Park is undergoing a major historic renovation project, in which the landscape will be restored to its appearance during Will Roger's time. The Department has a 10-year plan to complete the restoration of the landscape, ranch house, and other historic structures, as well as to relocate maintenance facilities away from the historic zone of the Park.

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