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Los Angeles Hike Details

  Mailibu Missiles and Fosils  
Trail - Mailibu Missiles and Fosils
16:44 pm

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Area Los Angeles
Elevation 470.00 m ( 1541.60 ft )
Change 50.00 m ( 164.00 ft )
Distance 10.00 km ( 6.20 miles )
Difficulty Moderate
Lat / Long 34.23186, -118.354676
Special instructions   If you want to visit the Missiles, then you need to arrange it with the Fire Department.
The Missile base is UNDER the Fire Department for the record.

Directions  Directions: Take the Santa Monica Freeway(10) west until it smoothly transitions in Santa Monica into Pacific Coast Highway (ocean will be on left). Continue on Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) towards Malibu. Enter Malibu limits.

Turn RIGHT on LOS FLORES (traffic light). This is opposite Dukes Restaurant. Drive up Los Flores. This is a spectacular drive past beautiful homes and scenic mountains and canyons. It is a very windy and steep road up.

Keep a sharp lookout for a very Sharp HAIRPIN LEFT TURN onto Hume Road.This is opposite a sign for Pacific Coast Highway.

TURN LEFT onto HUME ROAD. It will wind its way up (the name of the street may change, but follow along this main street). Continue until it ends at Rambla Pacifico.

TURN RIGHT. Go up street. You will see a very striking house jutting by itself out on the cliffs with other Hikers standing around.

(cell reception might be poor at the top)

The Good  The view is amazing...

The Bad  Most people can't afford to live here.

Where  Malibu, try not to get hit by a drunk actor driving on the streets...

Notes  This is a special hike conducted by one of our friends that lives in the area. The view is stunning, the area is interesting from recent and ancient historical reasons.

This is the location if the abandoned Nike Missile station, beautiful architecturally significant homes, and ancient fossils, both loving in these homes, and some embedded in the rocks...
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