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Los Angeles Hike Details

  West Mandeville Canyon Full-Moon Hike  
Trail - West Mandeville Canyon Full-Moon Hike
22:37 pm

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Area Los Angeles
Address 2539 Westridge Rd., Los Angeles, CA, 90049
Elevation 496.00 m ( 1600 ft )
Change 71.30 m ( 230 ft )
Distance 11.59 km ( 7.20 miles )
Difficulty Moderate
Special instructions   Josh will be our fearless leader for this hike. Enjoy!

Directions  Take Sunset Bl. exit west from the 405 (San Diego Fwy) - Sunset is approx. 3 miles north of IS-10 (Santa Monica Fwy). Go west on Sunset Bl. approx. 2.4 miles to Mandeville Canyon Rd. North on Mandeville barely 0.3 miles to Westridge Rd. Turn left. Follow Westridge all the way to the end. It will take a while. Find parking without blocking fireroad gate, driveways, etc. Respect resident�s rights here as they could make it difficult in the future if hikers become nuisances. It will be pretty late when we get back, so please try to be as quiet as possible.

The Good  A nice hike in the moonlight and the NIKE Station at the top. Amazing views of West LA at night and possibly Encino as well. The full moon! Moon watching.

The Bad  It will be probably cold, because it will be pretty late. Also, did I say it will be pretty late. We'll probably get back to the cars after midnight. There might also be other moonlight hikers on the trail but I haven't read of any yet. Technically this hike is on Saturday. Stargazing will likely be poor, due to light pollution from both city and moon.

Where  West Los Angeles

Notes  Bring a flashlight for emergencies only. Don't use it during the hike, the moonlight will be bright enough. Bring the normal stuff, but you can leave out the sun-hat (warm hat recommended though) and the sunblock. Sunglasses are also not recommended. Bring a camera if you want, but keep the flash photography to a minimum while we're on the trail, we don't want to ruin our night-vision too much.
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