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Los Angeles Hike Details

  Beachwood to the Hollywood sign  
Trail - Beachwood to the Hollywood sign
13:31 pm

Map | Aerial photos | More details
Area Los Angeles
Address 2695 N Beachwood Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90068
Elevation 620.00 m ( 2000 ft )
Change 620.00 m ( 2000 ft )
Distance 5.00 km ( 3.10 miles )
Difficulty Strenuous
Lat / Long 34.120246, -118.321507
Special instructions   This one is backwards, Lunch first, hike after.
Meeting outside of the Beachwood Cafe at 1:31pm (or 13:31 if you please).
Planning to have lunch at Noon.

Text (don't call) my cell if you want me to try reserve a seat 310.THINKER

Directions  Get yourself to Hollwood.
From Franklin, drive north to Beachwood Village. find parking.

The Good  Famouse Hollywood sign.

Beautiful homes and view. You end up on top of teh world, er, well, at least on top of a small hill with a gimmicky set of weather worn letter.

Where  Well, the bloody Hollywood sign.

Notes  This is mostly normal driving roads, but we are walking them.
It is the acent that makes this hike tough.
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Dec 22nd, 2019        

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