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Los Angeles Hike Details

  Temescal Canyon  
Trail - Temescal Canyon
11:30 am

Map | Aerial photos | Website | More details
Area Los Angeles
Address 15601 Sunset Blvd, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272 @34.050946,-118.52897
Elevation 90.83 m ( 293 ft )
Change 310.00 m ( 1000 ft )
Distance 6.44 km ( 4.00 miles )
Difficulty Strenuous
Lat / Long 32.05312, -118.5286
Special instructions   Hike the ZEBRA!

The theme for this Sunday hike is wildlife. Wear something with a animal or animal stripes/spots!

This is by special request by Kay.. so she has to show up... or shunned by all.

Directions  From the Pacific Coast Highway, turn east on Temescal Canyon Rd. Follow the road past Sunset Blvd. and into Temescal Canyon Park.

Meet in the first parking lot on the left side of the drive.

The Good  The view is fantastic.
Water fountain at the trailhead.
Bathrooms available.
Free Parking on Sunset Blvd. and other side streets

The Bad  Closes as Sunset.
Local ordinances disallow pets on this trail, especially dogs.
The initial climb is strenuous for your average geek.
Lot Parking: $7 per vehicle
Stop signs are now camera enforced.

Where  Pacific Palisades, CA

Notes  This is a very popular hiking spot with great views of the ocean on clear days, a seasonal waterfall, and a densely wooded canyon. The loop starts out on Temescal Ridge Trail, climbing almost 1,000 feet in the first mile. At the intersection with Temescal Canyon Trail, you can either take a half mile side trip to Skull Rock (staying on the ridge trail) or head down into the deep Temescal Canyon. At the bottom of the canyon, you will cross a bridge with a lovely waterfall. If you are careful, you can do some rock scrambling upstream to see some additional small waterfalls. After crossing the bridge, the trail drops through the canyon at a mild pace, through a pleasantly dense wooded area.

If you skipped the ridge trail, and just walked up the canyon and back, this would be a great easy 2 mile family hike.
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