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Los Angeles Hike Details

  The Rain Forest Trail  
Trail - The Rain Forest Trail
16:00 pm

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Area Los Angeles
Address 12601 Mulholland Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Elevation n/a
Change n/a
Distance 6.76 km ( 4.20 miles )
Difficulty Moderate
Special instructions   Because of the fires, it is a rather unhealthy day for hiking in the LA basin. My advise is to stay home and we'll try again next week.

From the 101 Freeway, exit Coldwater Canyon to the south. Drive 2.5 miles to Mulholland Drive. The Tree People parking lot will be on your left at the intersection of Coldwater Canyon & Mulholland. Look for Geeks

The Good  
-- This trail is dog friendly. Though please remember to bring a leash.
-- Parking is free!
-- Rest rooms are available at the parking lot.

The Bad  
-- In May this trail may be too densely grown over to navigate without a machete.
-- The trail can be treacherously narrow and there is plenty of poison oak, especially after the swing and during the warmer months.

Where  Beverly Hills, CA

This hike begins at The Tree People, a shockingly wealthy organization sustained by the labor of volunteers, the purpose of which is to plant new trees to replace the rapacious damage done by the selfish, evil, greedy, consuming human organisms who shouldn't have the right to act according to their nature. Fortunately there are Good Humans who loudly proclaim the evil of all the other humans and work tirelessly to control, punish and regulate the Evil Humans. So the hike begins at this enchanted preserve by walking on the ground flesh of trees, which apparently are in such surplus that The Tree People cover the trails with their processed corpses.

From The Tree People, walk down staircases onto a wood chip walkway. This is Wilacre Park. It's gorgeous and you'll feel like you're in a botanical garden. Start walking north (to your right). Eventually it begins to look more natural and deserty. Persist on this trail, and it will eventually deposit you on residential pavement; you'll be at the top of a cul de sac. Start walking down the street, watching for a dirt uphill trail on the right. This is the Rainforest Trail, you'll find a wood sign reading "Rainforest Trail" about 100 feet in. From here you'll follow an often winding trail, often narrow, with railroad tie stairs in places, sage chaparral and other desert brush. You'll wind up in a dark-earth, lush green canyon with ferns, green canopy and a small stream. There is a trapeze swing, and large felled trees over the stream. The trail ends at viewpoints overlooking Burbank, at which point you'll turn around and follow your tracks back out.
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