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Los Angeles Hike Details

  Stough Nature (backside)  
Trail - Stough Nature (backside)
07:48 am

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Area Los Angeles
Address Harvard Rd and Wildwood Canyon Rd, Burbank CA @34.202803, -118.298649
Elevation 387.50 m ( 1250 ft )
Change 232.50 m ( 750 ft )
Distance 4.83 km ( 3.00 miles )
Difficulty Strenuous
Lat / Long , 4.20269722222223-118.2985361111111
Special instructions   Yes, the ASS BURNER.

This is an EARLY hike for those that want to get up, get up the hill, and have the rest of the day to do other things.

It hurts going up, it hurts coming down. No CRYING! No WHINING!

Directions  From the 5 freeway, take the Burbank exit east. Burbank high school blocks the direct path you could take up the hill, so:
Right on North 3rd St.
Left on East Cypress, go up the hill to you hit the top.
Left on North Sunset Canyon drive.
Right on East Havard Rd.

Drive to the top to Wildwood Canyon entrance (see picture) and park in the parking lot at the intersection of Harvard and Wildwood Canyon.

We will meet near the rusted sculptor.

The Good  - Great work out.
- Free parking.
- Dog friendly (Bring a leash)

The Bad  I took my wolf on this hike once. Several times he wanted to give up. When we got back to the bottom he actually fell over, and his tongue simply hung out of his mouth. - Reichart

Where  Burbank, Ca, on the hill that looks west on to Burbank.

Notes  This is the hike I like to call the ass burner. You will feel this on the hike, after the hike, and maybe a few days later.

It is like walking up stairs for an hour or so, and then walking down stairs for an hour or so.

Great view, real feeling of accomplishment.

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