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Los Angeles Hike Details

  Ahmanson Ranch  
Trail - Ahmanson Ranch
14:13 pm

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Area Los Angeles
Address 6099 Las Virgenes Rd., Calabasas, CA
Elevation n/a
Change 155.00 m ( 500 ft )
Distance 8.37 km ( 5.20 miles )
Difficulty Easy
Lat / Long , 4.16847 - 118.70321
Special instructions   Be sure to sign in to the website and sign up for the hike.

From the 101 freeway near Calabasas, take the Las Virgenes Road exit and go north about 3km (2 miles) to where Las Virgenes dead ends at the trail head to Amhanson Ranch.

The Good  
* Beautiful green rolling hills.
* This is a great place for dog walking. But be sure to bring a leash.

The Bad  
* Wide open sky. Not much cover.
* After a rain, the trail will be _very_ muddy. The soil here is particularly rich.

Where  Calabasas, CA

Many historic movies were filmed at Ahmanson Ranch, then known as Lasky Mesa. Among the movies were Gone With the Wind, The Thundering Herd, The Charge of the Light Brigade and They Died With Their Boots On.

This hike has next to no elevation change, but there are so many great paths that we could hike just as long as we wish.
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