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Toronto Hike Details

  Lower Don Valley  
Trail - Lower Don Valley
11:00 am

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Area Toronto
Address Todmorden Mills Heritage site, front doors of the Museum
Elevation 75.33 m ( 243 ft )
Change 62.00 m ( 200 ft )
Distance 6.00 km ( 3.72 miles )
Difficulty Easy
Lat / Long 43.686654, -79.360043
Special instructions   GETTING THERE NOTE: apparently Pottery Road is closed to traffic (for repairs), so even if you drive you'll have to walk Pottery Road.

Bring picnic food again! Also note: this hike ends in a different place than it starts, so it's best not to drive (you'll have to get back to the Museum parking lot somehow...).

Directions  Public Transit: From Broadview station, all northbound buses bring you to Pottery Road (announced as Mortimer). Walk ten minutes down Pottery Road to Todmorden Mills. Then find the front doors of the Museum (it will be closed, but that's our meeting place)

Where  Don Valley

Notes  "Imagine a Lower Don river, in the late 1800s, teeming with salmon
and meandering through wide marshes and tree-lined banks.
Imagine the 1900s, with its engineered, channelized watercourse
and its banks lined with polluting industries. h is degradation
of the valley was compounded by the addition of the Don Valley
Parkway. Today, the Lower Don is the site of one of the largest
urban environmental restoration projects in the world." (from the link)
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Aug 21st, 2011        

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