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Seattle Hike Details

  Discovery Park  
Trail - Discovery Park
09:00 am

Map | Aerial photos | More details
Area Seattle
Address 3799 W Government Way, Seattle, WA 98199
Elevation n/a
Change n/a
Distance 4.51 km ( 2.80 miles )
Difficulty Easy
Lat / Long 47.660243, -122.405205
Special instructions   Meet in the East parking lot. We hike in all weather! We'll get brunch afterward somewhere in Magnolia.

Directions  meet in the East parking lot

The Good  Nicely scenic. The optional .5 mile excursion to the north bluff lighthouse affords some good wildlife viewing.

The Bad  Easy access and a mostly paved trail make this a popular place for trail runners. Expect to move to the right a lot.

Where  Magnolia

Notes  This huge park on Magnolia Bluff boasts some of the best bird-watching and tidal-pool exploration in the region; spectacular views of Puget Sound, the Olympics, and Mount Rainier; and a Coast Guard lighthouse. Highlights: Forests, streams, meadows, saltwater beaches, lighthouse, wildlife observation, views of Puget Sound, Olympic Mountains, and Mount Rainier
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Jan 9th, 2011        Jul 16th, 2006        Feb 12th, 2006   (3)

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