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Seattle Hike Details

  Squak Mountain State Park  
Trail - Squak Mountain State Park
09:00 am

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Area Seattle
Address SE May Valley Rd at Squak Mountain Rd SE, Issaquah, WA 98027
Elevation n/a
Change n/a
Distance 6.44 km ( 4.00 miles )
Difficulty Moderate
Lat / Long 47.488557, -122.053728
Special instructions   The parking lot is on SE May Valley Rd, just east of the intersection given as the address. There's probably a $5 parking fee.

Directions  The parking lot is on May Valley Rd, just east of the intersection listed.

Where  Issaquah

Notes  Some of the trails on Squak are steep, and pockets of genuine wilderness remain. Many of the roads on the mountain have become overgrown and more trail-like with each passing year.

Hikers will experience the mountain as an odd blend of wilderness and civilization. A microwave radio relay tower, a blockhouse, old logging roads, the remains of a communication structure, cables and the chimney of a family home that belonged to the Bullitt family are a few of the things you may find on these trails.
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Mar 27th, 2011        May 19th, 2007        Jul 2nd, 2006        Apr 23rd, 2006   (3)Feb 19th, 2006   (3)
Some photos from this hike
Squak Mountain State Park
Squak Mountain State Park
Squak Mountain State Park
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